Patent-Pending Personal Development

What is it?

There are literally hundreds of self-improvement programs out there, the majority of which center around having a positive mental attitude.

The problem with this approach is that attempting to think positively in your intellect is overridden by the negative emotions buried in your subconscious mind. To be effective, your intellect and your emotions must work together.

Positive affirmations also do not work for the same reason because our hidden limitations override them. Hard work and persistence will make no difference because these embedded limitations always win out. The only solution is to find them and remove them.

This program will give you the knowledge and tools you need to find and eliminate what’s holding you back, pinpoint your goals, reduce your stress, and take full control over your life.

Why are we giving it away for free?

Have you had enough of the insanity that’s destroying our lives?

Every institution that made us the envy of the world is being threatened.

  • Our freedom to choose
  • Our freedom to achieve
  • Our freedom to live and let live
  • Our sense of dignity and decency
  • Our rule of law
  • Our very democratic way of life

We have created a world in which brother hates brother, neighbor hates neighbor, young and old hate each other, country-dwellers hate city-dwellers and much more.

We’re living in an armed camp with millions of assault rifles. We’re racing toward civil unrest that will dwarf the civil rights movement of the 60’s.

It’s time to stand up for yourself, your children and your grandchildren for your right to make a living, for your right to choose without retaliation, for defending our democracy, for our rule of law, and for capitalism that supports everyone, not just the greedy.

I ask you to do three things:

  1. Sign up for the FREE Think More-React Less Personal Development Course and take back control.
  2. Share this with everyone that you know
  3. Consider donating to our cause

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