Our understanding of human behavior is primitive.

Our lifestyle, which we created through science and technology, has outpaced our ability to cope. We’re trying to survive with incomplete information and antiquated tools. The foundation of our social structure is crumbling.

I have the answer. I’ve cracked the code on human behavior. I understand human behavior as an exact science, and I have a patent pending on my discovery.

I know what exactly makes a human feel what they feel and do what they do. I know exactly how and why most of us are being manipulated by self-serving groups and individuals with a nefarious agenda. I understand why it’s possible to get the greatest majority of citizens in a democracy to vote against their interests. No one else does; they’re guessing.

Knowing how to understand this problem is nice. I solved it over 30 years ago, but knowledge is not power; it’s potential power. I invested another 20 years in finding the solution that I now have.

I am the only person that has it. This statement is a bold one, and I will accept any challenge to prove it.

I discovered this knowledge and created the solution in my business setting before realizing that it transcends business. It is the answer to all human loss and the gateway to all human progress.

I created a non-profit educational initiative to give this information to a troubled world before we collapse into a dangerous place from which we can only escape through extreme inequality and war.