Our understanding of human behavior is primitive.

I can prove this, and I have the solution. This ignorance is leaving us to the brink of disaster.

Our lifestyle, which we created through science and technology, has outpaced our ability to cope. People are angry, afraid, confused, frustrated, divided, and exhausted. They are trying to survive with incomplete information and antiquated tools.

They’re looking for answers. I have the answer. I’ve cracked the code on human behavior. I understand human behavior as an exact science, and I have a patent pending on my discovery. I will accept any challenge from anyone to prove it.

I know exactly what makes a human feel what they feel and do what they do. I know exactly how and why most of us are being manipulated, by self-serving groups and individuals, with a nefarious agenda. I know why it’s possible to get the greatest majority of citizens in a democracy to vote against their best interest. No one has ever been able to explain this. We accept this as normal and talk in circles about it. It’s not normal, and we don’t have to take this anymore.

In our own United States, we have retrogressed to the point that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago—denying science, conspiracy theories that good ordinary people trust. Loss of civility fostered by hatred, causing deep division that is leading to a fractured, broken country. Doubts about our basic institutions that have made us the envy of the world. We are moving toward civil war again. If we don’t wake up, it’s will happen because too many of us are being brainwashed. We’re losing our grip on all sensibility and reasonableness.  

For centuries, we have known that the human mind has incredible power, but no one has ever been able to explain why we humans only use a fraction of it. I invested a lifetime in finding the answer. It’s all explained in my B-Code chart and the Breakout process. (Patent Pending)

The short explanation is that we can help any average person tap into that incredible power, remember how to think, and stop being manipulated.

I discovered this knowledge and created the solution in my business world before realizing that it transcends business and is the answer to all human loss and the gateway to all human progress.

I created a non-profit educational initiative to give this information to a troubled world before losing what we have gained through free enterprise, democracy,  individual freedom, and opportunity. Our world can only be fixed one person at a time, starting with one’s self.  

– Sam Lucci