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My Discovery

My name is Sam Lucci III. I am seventy-three years old and I have been in one business or another since I was seventeen. I’m a no-nonsense guy. I’m not the guy you want to sit beside at a barbecue unless you want to talk about something serious.

Very early in my business life, I learned the value of a competent salesperson. I decided to help individuals change themselves to become excellent in their field.

What I found isn’t only for salespeople. It’s for you, your managers, and your employees.

It’s the answer to every problem that you will ever have in business and life. I love to make money, but I love to help people even more. It’s why I get up in the morning. I’ve decided to give my discovery away, for free.

I ‘m a dominant entrepreneur, a dreamer who loves to get results and help people. I call myself a capitalist with a conscience.

Why It’s Important

Our world is in serious trouble and my timing could not have been better. Our two institutions of Capitalism and Democracy, which made us the envy of the world, are both being threatened, such as:

  • Our freedom to choose
  • Our freedom to achieve
  • Our freedom to live and let live
  • Our sense of dignity and decency
  • Our rule of law
  • Our very democratic way of life

All of these are being threatened.

The Solution

It’s all about thinking and you will be shocked when you realize how little of it us business owners and managers. Even more shocking is when you realize how much your employees are costing you when they don’t think. It’s been my observation that the general public does only a fraction of the thinking that we business leaders do.

I feel that our business community holds the best hope of bringing us back to sanity. As businesspeople, we must be sensible and diligent every day or we perish. A crisis doesn’t scare us, and we don’t know how to give up or how to lose.

My B-Code™ and Breakout™ process will one day change the world. That’s a lot more important than hoarding this discovery and making a few million dollars on a hundred or so companies.

I ask you to do three things:

  1. Offer your employees to sign up for the FREE Think More-React Less Personal Development Course and start a new culture in your company
  2. Share this with everyone that you know
  3. Consider donating to our cause

 You can listen and read my full explanation on our website.

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