Our founder, Sam Lucci.

Sam Lucci has always had a passion for helping others to learn. He began his career as an educator, where that innate passion turned into a profession. Successful, but unfulfilled, Sam decided to become an entrepreneur. In 1972, he opened his first business. Since that time, Sam has successfully started six companies, building each from the ground up and turning them into multi-million dollar enterprises. He even started and led a successful CEO Alliance, made up of leaders from more than 30 multi-million dollar companies.

Just two years after opening his first business, Sam began to personally train his own sales professionals. It didn’t take long for his peers to notice, either. Routinely, throughout his career, Sam has been hired by fellow business owners to expertly train their sales teams and also by individual professionals who wanted to increase their own income.

The “Think More — React Less™” program that Sam created has been tested and proven. Today, he looks forward to sharing that proven program with all individuals in pursuit of their own professional and personal success.

This knowledge and these techniques are what author Sam Lucci used to gain financial independence and peace of mind. Think More — React Less™ can do the same for you.